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Monday, April 03, 2006

To comment on a paper posted on this blog, go to the bottom of the paper and click on the word "comments." A window will open that will contain comments left by others and a new field for your comments, entitled "leave your comments". You can type your comments in directly, or, if have prepared extensive comments ahead of time in RTF or Word format, you can cut and paste them in. It is "nice", but certainly not necessary, to type in your full name and institutional affiliation, if any, at the bottom of your comments.

When you have finshed commenting, go to the bottom of your comments field. Beneath the words "choose an identity," select "other." Do not select "Blogger," as this requires setting up a username and password and is just too much trouble. A space will open for you to type in your name, along with a "word verification" space to type in a random series of letters (this helps to prevent blog spam). You can then publish your comments, or preview and edit them first. You can follow the same procedure by selecting "anonymous" (if you have already put your name in the body of the comment) under the "choose an identity" line.

If you have work you wish to post as a paper to receive comment on, email the moderator at:

This Blog is devoted to philosophical inquiry into nursing. If you would like to POST a paper, contact: philprofbob@care2.com. To comment on a post, 1) go to the bottom of the posting you wish to comment on and click on the word "comments;" 2) type in, or paste in, your comments; 3) beneath the words "choose an identity," at the bottom of the field, select "other" (NOT "Blogger!"); 4) type in your name, perform the "word verification" if required, and preview and publish your comments.

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